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The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Road Trip Planner


Many of us do not know enough about Tesla, so let’s begin with what Tesla is? Tesla, Inc., is a U.S. multinational electric vehicle (EV), stationary battery storage (DC), solar panel, and solar shingle manufacturer, manufacturer, and distributor of electric vehicles, batteries, stationary energy storage devices, solar panels, and associated products and services.

Based in Austin, TX, the company designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes electric vehicles. The Tesla app allows you to access your Tesla vehicles and energy products wherever you are. Download the Tesla app for iOS or Android and login to your Tesla Account with your email and password. Mobile app access must be enabled to use the Tesla app’s features.

Tesla Road Trip - Tesla Interior-Innovative Tesla Autopilot Features to Leverage
Image Source: Pexels

Uncover the Pitfalls of Tesla Trips

  • High Starting Price

Tesla vehicles have a higher starting price than gasoline cars. Base models start at around $40k and can go up to over $120k for top-of-the-line models.

  •  High Repair Cost

Repair costs are high, as specialized parts and labor can add to the bill. This is something to remember when evaluating your long-term cost of ownership.

  •  Longer Repair

Only in some places during your journey can you find its repair center in case of any problem. Due to their different designs and tech, Tesla cars can take longer to repair. The availability of specialized repair centers and parts may also affect the repair process. Tesla has limited service centers, so finding a nearby one is challenging.

  • Imperfections

Build quality has also been a concern for some Tesla owners, with reports of panel gaps, imperfections in the paint, and fit and finish issues. Some users have found Tesla cars’ interiors less luxurious than other luxury brands.

  •  Low Towing Capacity

 Teslas aren’t known for their great towing capabilities. If you need to tow many cars, you might want to look into other options.

  •  Battery degradation

All batteries degrade over time. Tesla’s batteries are built to last but are not immune to degradation.

 Exploring the Possibilities of Tesla Go Anywhere

Everything in the universe has its pros and cons, which are accepted in the same way.

Tesla Road Trip - Tesla Beautiful Interior
Image Source: Website Planet
  • Tesla vehicles have no tailpipe pollutants and use electricity, making them environmentally friendly. 
  •  Tesla has a network of superchargers worldwide that provide convenient charging.
  • Advanced safety features include collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking.
  •  Impressive acceleration, long-range, and regular on-the-road updates improve performance and safety.
  • Owning a Tesla contributes to the shift towards sustainable transportation and reduces fossil fuel dependency.
  • Tesla’s Go Anywhere feature allows for planning stops at shopping centers and attractions along the route.

How to Use Tesla Road Trip Planner Step-by-Step Guidance

Tesla Road Trip - Tesla Headlight
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Select your Destination

Choose your route and plan accordingly. Think about the distance, charging points along the route, and places of interest.

  • Plan your Tesla’s Trip Online Before Departure

Go Anywhere Travel Planning is available via Tesla’s large touchscreen on your vehicle, phone, or home computer.

Select your Tesla model and setup, then add your destination and origin. You’ll see Google Maps routing information showing Superchargers along your route.

  • Tesla’s Navigation System

The built-in navigation system in Tesla vehicles tells real-time traffic conditions, Supercharger locations, and the vehicle’s current state of charge account. Provide the navigation system with your destination to enable it to arrange your stops for charging during the journey.

  •  Monitor battery range

You’ll also receive data on the recommended charge time at each supercharger stop along your route to help you plan how long you’ll need to charge your Tesla.

Tesla drivers can utilize the Supercharger, a 40,000-faster destination charger, for overnight or long stopovers, and third-party apps like Replug provide status updates on Superchargers.

  • Check Weather Conditions

 A Better Routeplanner gives you customization options, such as weather information and real-time navigation. You can also plan multiple trips at once.

 Freezing temperatures can reduce the range of EVs by up to 30%. In frigid weather, a Tesla Model Y’s range was reduced to 186 miles. Using the car’s heater to stay warm can also drain power.

 Parking in a shaded area and turning on the air conditioning help maximize comfort in the summer. Adjusting the regenerative braking system can create more on-the-go energy.

  • Plan breaks and activities

Set up rest stops along your route to take a break, eat, and recharge your Tesla. Look for interesting places along your route to stop and explore while charging your Tesla.

  • Have a Contingency Plan

Even with the best intentions, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Be prepared to change your plans if necessary.

  • Have Backup Charging options

 If the Supercharger station you’re planning to use isn’t available, consider alternative charging options like destination chargers, public charging stations, or RV parks.

Tesla Supercharger Trip Planner

Owning a Tesla is a luxurious challenge, as it offers the luxuries of no fuel and no pollution and takes you miles and miles by using the latest technology, navigation, forecasting weather, and a lot more. However, its supercharging ability is unbelievable. 

Tesla Road Trip - Tesla standing at Charging Station
Image Source: Depositphotos

Superchargers offer fast charging so you can top up your car’s battery in just a few minutes. They’re usually close to amenities, so you don’t have to worry about taking a break while waiting for your car to charge.

 When traveling a long distance, a Tesla Supercharger is a great way to ensure you have enough power to get where you’re going.

So, have fun while traveling, take pictures, munch as much as you want, and take care of your Tesla to have more journeys and memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesla an Application?

You can use the Tesla app to connect to your Tesla vehicle and power source from anywhere. Simply download the Tesla app for iOS or Android and log in using your Tesla Account email and password. To access the Tesla app’s features, you must have your vehicle delivered and mobile app access enabled.

 Does Tesla Have a Trip Planner?

If available in your area, Trip Planner gives you the confidence to go on longer road trips. Trip Planner guides you through the appropriate Supercharger locations if charging is necessary to reach your destination.

 How do You Plan a Long-Distance Trip on a Tesla?

Choose your Tesla Model and setup, then enter your start and end points, and you’ll receive Google Maps routing data that displays Supercharger locations along the route.

Is Tesla Charging Free?

The cost of Tesla Supercharging varies depending on several factors. Generally speaking, you’ll pay around $0.24-$0.25/kilowatt-hour (kWh), which equates to approximately $25/charged kWh.

How Long Will a Tesla Last?

According to Tesla’s 2021 impact report, the company’s batteries are designed to provide up to 200,000 miles of service life in the United States and 150,000 miles in Europe.

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