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Take a Coastal Tour to Discover 15 Best Beaches in Maine


Welcome to a seashore paradise where the rhythm of the waves sets the degree for an unforgettable journey along the picture-perfect best beaches in Maine.

From the white sands of Long Sands beach in York to the hidden peace of Crescent Beach in Owls Head. This guide unveils the beauty, charm, and leisure offers of Maine beach getaways

Whether you are a sun seeker, a nature enthusiast, or a family in search of a super seashore getaway, these sandy seashores promise an array of things to do at the Maine Beaches and in opposition to the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Grab your beach gear and get ready to immerse yourself in the coastal towns of Maine!

1. Long Sands Beach, York

Long Sands Beach ,York
Image Source:

Long Sands Beach in York- Maine, stands as a shining gem among the state’s coastal treasures. This expansive seaside gives a picture-perfect view of pure white sand beaches, making it one of the finest and best Maine beaches. The mild waves of the Atlantic Ocean make it a haven for both swimmers and surfers.

For the ones looking for a serene getaway, Long Sands Beaches is a great spot to relax at the shore with the soothing sound of the waves.

Beach chair rentals are available too. Ensuring that visitors can bask in the sun readily. The nearby Wells Beach jetty provides a touch of appeal, supplying a scenic view for strolls.

2. Wells Beach, Wells

Wells Beach , Wells, Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

Wells Beach, located inside the charming capital of Wells, is another jewel in coastal towns in Maine. This family-friendly destination possesses a welcoming ecosystem and is renowned for its wide shoreline.

Visitors can enjoy a combination of relaxation and adventure, with various water sports to be had. The city provides public beaches, presenting free entry for all.

Wells Beach is one of the best Maine beach destinations. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between recreation and calm. The nearby beach cities add to the location’s attraction. They make it a great coastal getaway.

3. Kennebunk’s Larkin Point Beach

For the people who enjoy a more scenic beach experience, Larkin Point Beach offers amazing views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Kennebunk River

Kennebunk Larkin Point , Maine
Image Source:

The beach has cool waters. It is family-friendly and perfect for surfing and diving. Nearby dunes offer a chance for sightseeing and camping. 

Popular sports here include kayaking and paddleboarding. They let vacationers see the coastline from a new angle.

Larkin Point Beach is famous for its oceanfront position. It’s also known for being near Kennebunkport, a historic town. The town welcomes visitors to stroll among tiny stores, galleries, and tasty seafood restaurants. 

4. Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport

Goose Rocks Beach is located in Kennebunkport which is a relatively unknown attraction that appeals to people seeking a peaceful Maine beach getaway. This beach is usually visited by both locals and tourists because of its mellow waves and soft sand beaches.

Goose Rocks Beach , Kennebunkport, Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

The seaside’s call originates from the scattered rocks that add character to the panorama. Families will discover Goose Rocks Beach to be mainly one of the family-friendly beaches in Maine, with adequate space for seaside activities and picnics.

The surrounding coastal cities in Kennebunkport make contributions to the vicinity’s attraction, making it one of the top Maine beach destinations.

5. Biddeford Pool, Biddeford

Biddeford Pool gives a unique coastal enjoyment, setting it apart from different Maine seashores. The secret location is part of the city of Biddeford, which offers beach lovers an intimate environment.

Biddeford Pool, Biddeford, Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

This beach is surely an ideal place for swimming and relaxing because of its calm surroundings and clear seas. The lovely sandy shorelines of Biddeford Pool provide an oasis of calm for those looking for a more relaxed coastal escape.

Biddeford Pool’s charm is increased by the adjoining seaside towns and beachside hotels, making it a must-see location in the coastal towns in Maine.

 6. Old Orchard Beach

Known for its famous dock and busy beachfront, Old Orchard Beach is a lively and youthful coastal resort. Considered one of the best Maine beaches, it provides a mix of typical beach activities and trendy entertainment.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

There is ample space for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and other entertainment options along the seven-mile stretch of sandy shoreline.

Family-friendly attractions comprise rides within the park, arcades, and more food options along the bustling historical Orchard Beach Pier.

7. Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Crescent Beach State Park, nestled in Cape Elizabeth, is a coastal haven that showcases the herbal splendor of Maine’s shores.

Crescent Beach State Park , Elizabeth
Image Source: Unsplash

This state park possesses a mile-long crescent-formed seashore with the best white sand and clear waters.

Many outdoor activities are easily accessible to visitors, such as beachcombing, picnicking, and trekking along beautiful paths.

8. Popham Beach State Park, Phippsburg

Popham Beach State Park, located in Phippsburg is a coastal secret with so many attractions. This seaside is renowned for its broad coastline and precise geological capabilities, which include the iconic Morse Mountain and the huge sandbars at low tide.

Popham Beach State Park , Phippsburg , Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

Site visitors can walk along the seaside, discover tidal pools, and marvel at the mesmerizing environment. Popham Beach isn’t just the best spot for seaside fanatics but an area where history meets natural splendor, with the historic fortress Popham nearby.

The mixture of sandy seashores, historic importance, and herbal wonders make Popham Beach State Park a must-visit destination among scenic Maine beaches.

9. Reid State Park, Georgetown

Reid State Park in Georgetown is a coastal gem that gives a mix of natural splendor and outdoor recreation. This State Park has miles of white sand beaches, dunes, and rugged shoreline, offering a huge panorama for visitors to explore.

Reid State Park Georgetown ,Maine
Image Source: Wikipedia

The gentle waves make Reid State Park best for swimming and sunbathing, whilst trekking trails provide opportunities for nature lovers to understand the coastal flora and fauna

With its preserved beauty and varied exceptional options, Reid State Park stands out as one of the top Maine beaches. The park welcomes site visitors to engage themselves in the serenity of the coastal environment.

10. Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Curl up in the breathtaking Acadia National Park, Sand Beach is a unique coastal oasis surrounded using rocky cliffs and evergreen forests. This pocket-sized sandy beach is a stark contrast to the rugged shoreline, making it a cute spot to relax and rejuvenate.

Sand Beach Acadia National Park , Maine
Image Source: Unsplash

The cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean offer a clean escape throughout warmer months. The sandy seashore is a key part of Acadia State Park’s unique atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy many activities there.

From beachcombing to taking in the beautiful views along the ocean route trail, the mix of herbal beauty and outdoor adventure makes Sand Beach a top destination. It is for those exploring coastal towns in Maine.

11. Scarborough Beach State Park, Scarborough

A widely recognized coastal vacation spot, Scarborough Beach State Park offers visitors the comfort of modern conveniences along the natural beauty of sandy shorelines. There is sufficient area on the long beach for water sports, beach activities, and relaxing.

Scarborough Beach State Park
Image Source: Unsplash

Lifeguards patrol these family-friendly spots all summer. They ensure a fun and safe trip for all. The park is an ideal spot for lunch by the ocean because it provides picnic spots as well. Scarborough Seaside is one of Maine’s best beaches.

This is mainly because it is affordable and has a great landscape. It also has many fun activities

12. Higgins Beach, Scarborough

Higgins Beach which is located in the city of Scarborough, offers a laid-returned and alluring ecosystem for beachgoers. The seaside is famous for its smooth sandy seashores and constant surf, making it a favorite among surf lovers.

Higgins Beach Scarborough
Image Source: Wikimedia

Higgins Beach continues a fascinating community feel, with seashore cottages and local stores adding individuality to the place. Site visitors can discover tide swimming pools, take surfing training, or just relax on the beach and soak in the coastal atmosphere.

The blend of natural beauty and a pleasant community vibe makes Higgins Beach a distinct and loved destination along the Maine coast.

13. Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit

Ogunquit Beach is known as one of the top Maine beach getaways and welcomes tourists with its beautiful white sand beaches and mesmerizing views of the coast. There is sufficient space for beachcombing and sunbathing along the three miles of coastline.

Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit
Image Source: Unsplash

Ogunquit’s foremost beach and footbridge seaside are famous areas, every offering a unique atmosphere. The city itself is brimming with coastal charm, presenting artwork galleries, seafood restaurants, and an amazing Marginal along a coastal trail.

Ogunquit Beach’s combination of herbal splendor and vibrant town lifestyles solidifies its place in a few of the best beach towns in Maine.

14. Crescent Beach, Owls Head

Crescent Beaches in Owls Head is a hidden gem alongside the Mid coast place, supplying a peaceful and secluded retreat. The seaside’s crescent-fashioned coastline is beautified with soft sand and surrounded by scenic rock formations.

Crescent Beach, Owlshead
Image Source: Unsplash

Site visitors can experience a quiet getaway, paying attention to the gentle lapping of the waves in opposition to the shore. Crescent Beach is a perfect spot for the ones seeking solitude and a connection with nature.

The nearby Owls Head State ark adds to the charm, presenting possibilities for trekking and panoramic views of Penobscot Bay. With its unspoiled beauty and calmness, Crescent Beach stands proud as a charming vacation spot in with the best beach resorts in Maine.

15. Sand Beach, Southport Island

Sand Beach on Southport Island is a wonderful beach retreat that reflects the spirit of Maine beach attractions. This cozy, little beach offers lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean and an appealing environment for recharging.

South Port Island, Sand Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

Sand Beach offers a special balance of peacefulness and coastal charm, encircled by rocky outcrops and palm trees. Despite taking beautiful walks along the shoreline and soaking in the beautiful sunsets over the water, viewers can explore the tidal pools.

Sand beach on Southport Island is a symbol of Maine’s coastline and presents an oasis of peace for those seeking an unspoiled beach experience.


Portland Headhouse
Image Source: Unsplash

In conclusion, Maine’s coastal beauty is exemplified by its diverse array of seashores, each with its precise allure and offerings, from the expansive white sands of the Long Sands seashore to the secluded tranquility of Crescent seashore in Owls Head.

These coastal gemstones invite visitors to discover, relax, and immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the Maine coastline.


  • 1. What sets York’s Long Sands Beach apart from the best beaches in Maine?
  • Long Sands Beach has wide, spotless white sand, calm waves that are perfect for surfers and swimmers, and easy beach chair rentals.
  • 2. What makes Biddeford Pool one of Maine’s finest coastal experiences?
  • Biddeford Pool provides a cozy atmosphere, calm waters for swimming and relaxing, and a charming coastal town with oceanfront hotels nearby.

3. What marks Old Orchard Beach as a vibrant coastal town in Maine?
With its iconic pier, lively boardwalk, and seven miles of sandy shoreline, Old Orchard Beach offers both contemporary entertainment and traditional beach activities.

  • 4. What makes Scarborough Beach State Park one of Maine’s top beaches and a great family destination?
  • Family-friendly Scarborough Beach State Park has an expansive beach for water sports, lifeguards in the summer, and picnic spots for an amazing lunch by the sea.
  • 5. What makes Owls Head’s Crescent Beach a Mid coast hidden treasure?
  • A calm oasis with soft sand and magnificent rock formations, Crescent Beach is a hidden treasure that’s close to Owls Head State Park, that offers hiking and expansive vistas.

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