Discover the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers for Ultimate Family Adventures

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The world of travel trailers offers an array of options for families seeking adventure and bonding. Among these options, bunkhouse travel trailers stand out as a popular choice. In this guide, we’ll delve into the appeal of these travel trailers, explore why families are drawn to campers with bunkhouse layouts, and provide an overview of the best bunkhouse travel trailers on the market.

Grand Design Imagine 2400BH

When it comes to family-friendly travel trailers, the Grand Design Imagine 2400BH is a standout choice. This model boasts a range of features and highlights that cater to the needs of families on the go. Inside, you’ll find spacious interiors with an emphasis on comfort for everyone, including the little ones. The bunk beds provide cozy sleeping quarters for the kids, ensuring they have their space.

Additionally, the Imagine 2400BH offers excellent outdoor amenities. With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare meals while enjoying the fresh air. A large awning provides shade, creating the perfect spot for family gatherings or movie nights with a view. It’s no wonder this travel trailer is consistently recognized as one of the best bunkhouse travel trailers available.

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Bunkhouse travel trailers are a popular choice for families because they typically feature built-in bunk beds, providing separate sleeping spaces for children or guests. This makes them an excellent option for family vacations or trips with friends, offering both comfort and convenience.

Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS

For those in search of a lightweight travel trailer with eco-friendly features, the Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS ticks all the boxes. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,600 pounds and a length of 34’3″, it’s both manageable and eco-conscious. But what sets it apart is the spacious bunkroom, making it ideal for extended family trips.
Outdoors, the Apex Ultra-Lite features an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. This means you can take the mess and heat of cooking large meals outside, keeping the interior clean and comfortable. Plus, there’s a 6-gallon gas/electric hot water heater for endless warm showers—a feature any family will appreciate. With its innovative design and convenience, the Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS secures its place among the best bunkhouse travel trailers.

Forest River Cherokee 274DBH

In the world of bunkhouse travel trailers, the Forest River Cherokee 274DBH stands out as a prime example of comfort, style, and unbeatable value. This travel trailer, measuring 31’8″ in length, offers ample space for families looking to create lasting memories on the road. Let’s explore why it’s a favorite nationwide.

Comfort, Style, and Great Value

The Cherokee 274DBH is a testament to great value. With an unloaded vehicle weight of 6,243 pounds, it’s both manageable and spacious. Inside, you’ll find a well-designed living space with a focus on comfort and style. It’s a place where you can relax and bond with your loved ones after a day of outdoor adventures.

Sleeping Space and Master Bedroom

One of the highlights of this travel trailer is the abundance of sleeping space. In the rear bunkroom, you’ll discover essentially four beds, providing a cozy haven for the kids. Meanwhile, the master bedroom features a walk-around king-sized bed, a highly sought-after feature in any travel trailer. With two separate sleeping areas, it’s easy to maintain privacy while traveling with family.

Outdoor Entertainment Options

The Cherokee 274DBH doesn’t stop at interior comforts; it extends to the great outdoors. The exterior boasts an awning, TV bracket, and cable hookups, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or sports events even when you’re relaxing outside. There’s even an exterior hot/cold shower, making it a breeze to rinse off larger items or clean up your little adventurers after a day in nature.

Why the Cherokee Is a Favorite Nationwide

With its winning combination of comfort, style, and value, it’s no wonder that the Forest River Cherokee 274DBH is a beloved choice among travelers across the nation. Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned enthusiast, this bunkhouse travel trailer is sure to provide you with the space and amenities needed for unforgettable family adventures.

Cruiser Embrace EL310

The Cruiser Embrace EL310 is a remarkable travel trailer, measuring 36’5″ in length, and it’s tailored for families seeking a spacious and family-friendly layout. This travel trailer is all about providing comfort and convenience for everyone on board. Let’s delve into its standout features.

Spacious and Family-Friendly Layout

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Embrace EL310 is its spacious interior. With high vaulted ceilings at 6’11”, it offers plenty of headroom and a sense of openness. This travel trailer has the capacity to sleep up to nine people, ensuring there’s enough room for large families or when you invite friends along for the journey.

Private Master Bedroom with King-Sized Bed

Parents will appreciate the private master bedroom, complete with a large king-sized bed. Even when the kids are around, you’ll have the space to stretch out and relax. Additionally, there’s a 39″ LED TV above an entertainment center, perfect for cozy movie nights on rainy days.

Entertainment Options for Rainy Days

Speaking of rainy days, the Embrace EL310 has you covered with two slideouts—one in the living room and another in the bunk area. These provide ample space for everyone to relax comfortably indoors. The exterior also boasts marine-grade speakers under the outdoor awning and an outdoor grill for cooking burgers and hot dogs on sunny days.

Outdoor Features for a Memorable Trip

Whether you’re grilling up delicious meals or enjoying outdoor entertainment, the Cruiser Embrace offers the perfect setup. Its outdoor awning provides shade, while the marine-grade speakers allow you to play your favorite music. It’s all about creating lasting memories with the whole family on your next camping adventure.

Keystone RV Hideout 272LHS

For first-time campers or anyone looking for a travel trailer with a clean, crisp interior, the Keystone RV Hideout 272LHS is an excellent choice. This travel trailer, measuring 30’8″ in length, offers a comfortable and stylish interior without breaking the bank.

Clean and Crisp Interior Design

The Hideout’s interior design is all about simplicity and elegance. Its clean lines and crisp finishes create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re new to RVing or simply appreciate a modern aesthetic, you’ll find the Hideout to be a visually pleasing travel trailer.

Kitchen Amenities and Storage

In the kitchen, you’ll discover an LED-lit backsplash, a Furrion 3-burner glass top oven, and a central vacuum cleaner—a thoughtful addition for keeping your space tidy. With ample counter space and storage, meal preparation becomes a breeze. The kitchen is well-equipped, ensuring you can enjoy homemade meals while on the road.

Seating and Sleeping Arrangements

The Hideout offers a booth dinette and jackknife sofa, providing plenty of seating and sleeping space for overnight guests. Its versatile layout ensures that everyone can relax comfortably. Plus, under the master bed, you’ll find extra storage space for any additional items you may need during your travels.

Why It's a Fantastic Option for First-Time Campers

The Keystone RV Hideout 272LHS is an ideal choice for those embarking on their first camping adventures. Its clean and modern interior design aligns with various style preferences, and its reasonable price point means you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Whether you’re hitting the road solo or with family, the Hideout offers a comfortable and stylish travel experience.


As we wrap up our exploration of the best bunkhouse travel trailers, let’s take a moment to recap the top contenders, discuss how to choose the perfect fit for your family, and get you ready for your next family adventure with the ideal travel trailer.

Recap of the Top Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

Throughout this journey, we’ve introduced you to some exceptional bunkhouse travel trailers that cater to families of all sizes and preferences. From the versatile Grand Design Imagine 2400BH to the eco-friendly Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS, and the comfortable and stylish Forest River Cherokee 274DBH, each of these trailers has its unique charm and features.
We also explored the spacious Cruiser Embrace EL310, offering a private master bedroom with a king-sized bed, and the clean, crisp interior of the Keystone RV Hideout 272LHS, perfect for first-time campers. These options showcase the diversity and excellence within the world of bunkhouse travel trailers.

Choosing the Best Fit for Your Family's Needs

Selecting the best bunkhouse travel trailer for your family’s needs involves considering several factors. First, determine your budget, as travel trailers come in various price ranges. Next, think about the size of your family and how many sleeping spaces you require. Consider your towing vehicle’s capabilities and ensure it can handle the trailer’s weight. Don’t forget to contemplate the amenities that matter most to your family, whether it’s outdoor kitchens, entertainment systems, or interior design.

Get Ready for Your Next Family Adventure with the Perfect Travel Trailer

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s available in the world of bunkhouse travel trailers, it’s time to prepare for your next family adventure. Start by finalizing your decision on the travel trailer that suits your family’s preferences and needs. Once you’ve made your selection, ensure your towing vehicle is equipped for the journey.
Plan your adventures, whether they involve exploring national parks or visiting your favorite smaller campsites. Make a checklist of essential items to pack and ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.
Incorporate the best bunkhouse travel trailer into your family’s plans and set out on a memorable adventure. Create lasting memories, bond with your loved ones, and relish the freedom and convenience that comes with owning a bunkhouse travel trailer.
With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to experiencing the joys of RV travel and creating cherished moments with your family. Make the most of your next journey with the perfect travel trailer, and let the adventures begin!
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