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The 17 Things to Do Near Jacksonville, FL: Exploring The Nation’s Hidden Gems


Welcome to the colorful town of Jacksonville, Florida, where the sun meets the ocean, and a journey awaits at each corner. 

Discover beyond the everyday with our list of 17 things to do near Jacksonville, FL. It showcases the location’s specialties, from pristine beaches to hidden cultural gems.

1. Jacksonville’s 22 Miles of Beaches: A Seashore Paradise

Aerial View of Sea Shore in Jacksonville
Image Source: iStock

Start your getaway by visiting Jacksonville’s home to 22 miles of beaches. Did you know that Jacksonville has the broadest stretch of coastline in the United States? 

According to Wikipedia, this characteristic gives visitors great chances for beachside fun, from the serene environment of Neptune Beach to the lively vibe of Jacksonville Beach. 

Every stretch of sand gives unique experiences near Jacksonville, FL. Bask in the sun, take a clean dip, or casually walk along the shore, letting the rhythmic waves serenade your senses.

The sun bathes the shores in golden hues. Visitors can swim in the Atlantic or stroll the coast. Let the pulsating ocean waves calm you. They form an orchestral score of relaxation and rejuvenation. It reflects Jacksonville’s natural beauty

Discover the unique features of each sandy dimension. Learn why Jacksonville’s beaches show the charm and diversity of Florida’s coastline.

2. Embracing Jacksonville’s Natural Beauty

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park , Jacksonville
Image Source: iStock

Nature lovers will discover solace in breathtaking Jacksonville’s natural beauty. Discover the vastness of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, in which trekking trails intertwine with tranquil lakes. (In step with Statista) the park attracts hundreds of site visitors yearly, making it a hotspot for outdoor sports. 

Botanical lawn fans can be captivated by Riverside’s Cummer Museum Gardens, a haven of various plant life and charming landscapes. This botanical treat invites visitors to walk through beautiful gardens, soaking up the beauty of cautiously cultivated blooms. 

The relationship between nature and artwork is palpable as you explore this beautiful setting, growing a harmonious enjoyment that resonates with the town’s commitment to retaining its area.

As you discover the paths, the beauty unfolds with each step. It reveals diverse ecosystems and offers a serene break from urban hustle. Watch birds, see plants, or just enjoy the peace of this herbal gem. 

The interconnected trails cater to numerous skill ranges, ensuring all sundry, from novice hikers to pro adventurers, can find solace in outdoor activities near Jacksonville, FL.

3. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens: A Wild Journey Awaits

Zebras and a giraffe
Image Source: iStock

Get on an exciting journey at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, a retreat for natural global enthusiasts. Did you know that the zoo is domestic to over 2,000 animals? 

(As per the Wikipedia) The zoo provides an in-depth flora and fauna series, from African elephants to playful otters. See unique animals from around the world. 

Watch exciting shows and walk through carefully made gardens. Take advantage of the chance to participate in interactive experiences, making your visit unforgettable.

4. Unveiling Jacksonville’s Inventive Soul

Explore Jacksonville’s creative soul. Do it by visiting the Museum of Modern-day Paintings in Jacksonville. Surprise at concept-scary reveals showcasing the metropolis’s colorful cultural scene. 

(According to Statista) the city’s cultural and progressive industries contribute considerably to its economic vibrancy. 

Have interaction with Jacksonville’s artistic soul and immerse yourself in the dynamic global of contemporary art, leaving with a deeper appreciation for Jacksonville’s innovative spirit.

5. Delving into Jacksonville’s Fascinating History

Kingsley Plantation
Image Source: iStock

Discover the seam of Jacksonville’s fascinating history, from its first native American roots to its modern appeal. Visit the Kingsley Plantation to gain insights into the city’s complicated past. Wander through historic neighborhoods like Springfield, wherein charming shape tells tales of ancient technology.

A profound bankruptcy in this historical curtain unfolds on the Kingsley Plantation. This antebellum property on Fort George Island gives poignant insights into Florida’s plantation era. 

When you walk through the well-maintained gardens, the extreme contrasts between the magnificence of the principal residence and the stark simplicity of the slave quarters provide an emotional connection to the intricate details of the past.

6. Jacksonville’s Museum of Science & History: A Journey through Time and Area 

Museum of Science and History
Image Source: iStock

Start educational adventure activities near Jacksonville’s Museum of Science & History (MOSH)

Engage yourself in interactive and famous shows, solve the mysteries of technological know-how, and marvel at artifacts that trace Jacksonville’s evolution. 

Whether exploring the cosmos or delving into community facts, MOSH offers a fascinating enjoyment for each age.

7. Jacksonville Breakfast Standby: A Morning Pride 

Cookies packed in plastic sheets
Image Source: iStock

Kickstart your day with a lovable breakfast at one of Jacksonville’s loved establishments. Head to Maple Street Biscuit Company for their signature dishes, or enjoy the old-style atmosphere of The Fox restaurant

Experience community flavors and embrace the morning charm that sets the tone for a truly ideal day of exploration.

8. Jacksonville Beach Dining Spots: Culinary Delights By the Shore

Beach Dining in Jacksonville
Image Source: iStock

Indulge your flavor buds in the culinary delights offered by  Jacksonville seashore eating places. From the smooth entice at secure Harbor Seafood to the vibrant flavors of Joe’s Crab Shack, the coastal dining scene reflects the city’s maritime spirit. 

Enjoy delectable food with a component of ocean perspectives, creating a dining experience that you will never forget.

9. A Trip to Downtown Jacksonville: Urban Exploration

Downtown View of Jacksonville
Image Source: iStock

Embark on an exciting trip to downtown Jacksonville, where city appeal meets eclectic vibrancy. Walk through the historic district of San Marco, which is coated with boutiques and eateries. 

Visit the Riverside Arts marketplace for a flavor of community creativity, and don’t forget to discover the Southbank Riverwalk, offering stunning views of the St. Johns River.

10. Browsing Spots: Catching Waves in Jacksonville

A man surfing in the sea
Image Source: iStock

For adventurous souls, Jacksonville offers some terrific browsing spots along its coastline. Head to the Atlantic seashore or Jacksonville Ocean for a thrilling surf session. 

With mild waves and a welcoming surf lifestyle, those spots cater to all beginners and pro surfers, promising unforgettable water fun.

11. Best Shopping and Dining Spots: Jacksonville’s Delights 

Satisfy your shopping cravings and culinary desires by exploring the best shopping and dining in Jacksonville

St. Johns City Middle beckons with a plethora of retail therapy options. At the same time, the eclectic 5 Factors community offers quirky boutiques and antique finds. 

Culinary delights count on at Orsay, presenting an excellent dining experience that mirrors Jacksonville’s palates.

12. Hidden Spots in Jacksonville: Unearthing Nearby Secrets

Marshy land and sunset
Image Source: iStock

Become a nearby explorer by uncovering the best-hidden spots in Jacksonville. Discover the calmness of Tree Hill Nature Center, a hidden gem for nature lovers. 

Step into the historic Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum or wander by the spell-binding Klutho Park. Every view provides a particular perspective on the best-hidden spots in Jacksonville.

13. Trip to Huge Talbot Island State Park: Untouched Wilderness

Big Island Talbot State Park , Jacksonville, Florida
Image Source: iStock

Get away to the untouched wilderness of huge Talbot Island State Park, just a brief energy from Jacksonville. 

It is known for its unique saltwater marshes and fascinating driftwood-blanked beaches as this park offers an outdoor retreat to hikers, fowl watchers, and nature enthusiasts.

14. Riverside Arts Marketplace: Artisanal Treasures and Live Performances 

Immerse yourself in Jacksonville’s vibrant arts scene at the Riverside Arts marketplace. This weekly market is along the St. Johns River

It showcases nearby artisans, live performances, and lively surroundings. It’s a great spot to discover handmade treasures and enjoy the town’s creative spirit.

15. Catty Shack Ranch Herbal International Sanctuary: Big Cats  

A tiger sitting in a pool
Image Source: TripAdvisor

Visit the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary for an exceptional encounter with nature and wildlife. 

This charitable group provides a home for endangered big cats, including tigers, lions, and leopards. Take a guided twilight excursion to see these fantastic creatures.

Find out about their efforts to preserve them and the importance of protecting these incredible creatures. 

This incredible trip is appropriate for animal lovers and families looking for a memorable and informative vacation.

16. Kingsley Plantation: Historical Site Near Jacksonville, FL 

Expand your historical exploration with a trip to the Kingsley Plantation. Located alongside the fortress George River, this well-preserved asset offers a glimpse into Florida’s plantation facts. 

Discover the plantation residence, kitchen house, and slave quarters to understand the complexities of the past.

17. St. Johns River Taxi: Scenic Waterway Exploration

Hop on the St. Johns River Taxi for a scenic waterway exploration of Jacksonville. This precise mode of transportation presents stunning views of the city skyline. 

It also provides a convenient way to access various waterfront attractions close to Jacksonville, FL, making it a fulfilling experience, be it beaches, mountains, or parks, for site visitors of every age.

The brilliant yellow taxis go with the flow. They pass by iconic landmarks like the Jacksonville touchdown and the EverBank area. They offer a unique view you cannot get from land. 

The guided journeys for specific routes provide insight into Jacksonville’s fascinating history and hidden gems.

Clutch a drink or snack from the onboard café or pick taxis for extra private enjoyment and enjoy it at the open-air deck as the city breezes through. 

Whether you are a history buff, a photography fanatic, or simply seeking a relaxing afternoon on the water, the St. Johns River Taxi gives an unforgettable way to find attractions close to Jacksonville, FL.


Aerial View of Jacksonville
Image Source: iStock

Ultimately, Jacksonville, FL, is a multifaceted excursion spot, inviting vacationers to discover its numerous services. 

Whether it is the sun-kissed seashores, charming records, or the colorful cultural scene, this town unfolds as a curtain of hidden gems in Jacksonville waiting to be discovered.


  • 1. What are the must-visit outdoor getaways near Jacksonville, FL?

Trekking in parks, kayaking alongside waterways, and enjoying beachside picnics are the must-visit getaways to feel the city’s charm.

  • 2. Is Jacksonville, FL, a family-friendly location?

Jacksonville is an urban area coastline city filled with family-friendly attractions. Consider beautiful shores, kid-friendly attractions like museums and waterparks, and lots of Florida sunshine and Southern charm.

  • 3. What budget-friendly activities can one do near Jacksonville, FL?

Some first-class, budget-friendly options are exploring the beaches, visiting parks, and indulging in neighborhood street food.

  • 4. Any suggestions for romantic getaways close to Jacksonville, FL?

Pick a sundown cruise, a romantic dinner at a beachfront restaurant, or a stroll via the city’s captivating streets.

  • 5. Tell me about unique views near Jacksonville, FL.

Discover the hidden gemstones like the Jacksonville-1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley Rail direction, presenting a unique mixture of nature and records.

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