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My TrekTopia’s Guide to the Best Places to Visit in May in the USA


Why Visit the USA In May?

May is a time of happiness, with the US blooming into colorful life after the chilly winters. It’s the proper time to revel in lovely May weather earlier than the summer; crowds and heat set in. May is also the season for many cool fairs throughout the country that let you make some of the most unforgettable memories of your life. Find the best places to visit USA in May.

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Best Places to Visit in the USA in May

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia      

Sunset in Shendoah National Park ,USA
Image Source: iStock

Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park is the best choice if you are trying to find an incredible natural retreat in May! With its fine temperatures and delightful sky presenting breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s a real heaven for nature lovers.

These suggestions will let you get the most out of your trip:

Take a difficult climb to Hawksbill Peak, the park’s highest top, for breathtaking expansive perspectives. Take a drive at the 105-mile Skyline Drive, which is famous and shows the beauty of the mountains at each turn.

 Visit the Shenandoah National Park Visitor Center to dive into the park’s ecology. Take the chance to stare at the stars; the park is famous for its stargazing opportunities.

Shenandoah National Park gives numerous tenting options. If you seek extra comfort, rustic cabins and lodges can be found in nearby cities like Luray and Waynesboro, ensuring a comfortable stay to relax after a day of adventure.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans Trailfinders,USA
Image Source: Pixabay

The Southern United States has much to provide, mainly in New Orleans. Explore the vibrant streets packed with music and an unbeatable vibe. You can dive deep into Creole cuisine and let your taste buds have some fun with authentic local flavors.

 You can start by attending the Jazz Fest, letting the rhythms move you, and coming across music that feeds your soul. Wander through the French Quarter. You will experience stepping back in time with its beautiful iron balconies and the heady scent of beignets wafting from Cafe Du Monde. New Orleans nightlife is nothing less than electric.

A swamp excursion is a must-do activity to make your journey more interesting. Glide through the water, spotting alligators and being mesmerized by the bayou’s natural splendor. And for a dose of history, the National World War II Museum gives profound insights into the town’s contributions to the battle.

New Orleans has it all when it involves resting after jam-packed days of exploration. From charming hotels nestled within the heart of the French Quarter to glossy high-rise complexes that provide panoramic views of the city, there is a residential option to match every style and choice.

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Portland, Oregon

Night view of Oregon, Portland, USA
Image Source: Pixabay

Portland comes alive with slightly sunny weather and sufficient rain to make the city sparkle. It’s the suitable backdrop for exploring Portland’s exciting culinary scene, breweries, and colorful street art decorating its neighborhoods.

Here’s a short guide to make the most out of your Portland journey:

Portland is famous for its great food scene. From wandering some modern food carts to dining in Michelin-star restaurants and sorting out the vibrant farmers’ markets, your flavor buds are in for a treat.

Make your way to Powell’s City of Books. As the biggest bookshop in the world, it’s a paradise for book lovers. You can spend hours there and still discover something new to delve into.

May is the correct time to go to the International Rose Test Garden. It has thousands of roses blooming, and the colors and scents are fascinating. Forest Park offers breathtaking sights of the city and lots of trails that cater to all sorts of hikers.

Portland has many options to suit each preference when finding a stay. Whether you are looking for an elegant boutique hotel within the heart of town or a small bed and breakfast in one of the town’s ancient neighborhoods, you will be able to discover the right spot to loosen up and recharge after a tired day.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee 

Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee ,USA
Image Source: Pixabay

 At the border of Tennessee and North Carolina lies the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which will become a colorful tapestry of wildflowers. It is a superb time to discover, with the park’s trails adorned with bright blooms. The climate is simply proper, with snug temperatures and clear skies complimenting the majestic mountains in all their glory.

Here is a short guide about how to make the most of your trip. : 

Embark on a journey to Clingman’s Dome. It’s not only a hike; it’s miles of experience, providing 360-degree views to leave you spellbound. Drive alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spanning over 469 miles, it is a journey through lovely vistas and quaint mountain towns that appear to whisper tales of yore. 

Whether it is the craftsmanship on display or the groovy rhythms of tune, it is a way to revel in the heart and soul of the city. There are plenty of options when deciding on lodging. From rustic cabins providing privacy to comfortable accommodations within the welcoming towns of Gatlinburg and Cherokee, you can discover a stay you like.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Aerial view of Santa Fe, Mexico, USA
Image Source: iStock

A ride to Northern New Mexico in May is an exceptional time to discover Santa Fe! The warm, sunny climate is outstanding for diving into the city’s amazing art scene, history, and tradition. Check out the well-known museums, galleries, and art studios to experience the colorful art scene.

Explore the historic Santa Fe Plaza and immerse yourself in the unique Spanish and Pueblo architecture that gives the city its vibe. Visit the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi because it is now the oldest church in Santa Fe and is an architectural marvel, too.

A day trip to Bandelier National Monument to look at the historical cliff houses needs to be one of your must-see locations. Find out the history of the Ancestral Puebloan people and spot the houses carved into the mountains.

Stay in one of Santa Fe’s art hotels or get a fascinating adobe-style bed and breakfast for your accommodations.

Asheville, North Carolina

Aerial View of Ashville, North Carolina , USA
Image Source: iStock

The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina in May are a treat for its travelers. Mountains and changes surround Asheville, which will become a floral wonderland in May. 

Here are some personalized suggestions for making the most of your journey.

May is the best time to see the gardens on the Biltmore Estate in their complete glory. You do not need to miss the array of colorful blooms towards the backdrop of the property.

Take the opportunity to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stretching for 469 miles, it gives the loveliest views of the Appalachian Highlands. The fascinating mountain cities alongside the way are best for stopovers and exploring hidden gems.

Asheville is famous for its beer. Dedicate time to go to breweries within the city. Each offers specific brews that capture the essence of Asheville. It’s the perfect way to taste the local flavors and mingle with the locals. 

.Dedicate time to going to breweries within the city. Each offers specific brews that capture the essence of Asheville. It’s the best way to taste the local flavors and meet the locals. 

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park , USA
Image Source: iStock

Heading to the Rocky Mountains in Montana this May is an adventure you might remember. With the winter snow melting away, Glacier National Park becomes alive. It gives a combination of natural splendor and outdoor sports. 

Hike along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It’s no longer simply a scenic motorway but an adventure via breathtaking views that promise to be the journey’s highlight.

Plan to visit the Logan Pass Visitor Center. It’s an opportunity to examine the park’s ecology more deeply, giving a deeper appreciation of the herbal wonders. 

Put Wildlife looking in your listing of factors to do. It is exciting to spot grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and numerous other species in their natural habitat.

Glacier National Park provides an array of lodging alternatives. From ancient motels and campgrounds to the captivating cities of West Glacier and East Glacier Park Village, with their comfy accommodations and cabins, locating the correct accommodation to relax after an afternoon full of adventures should be easy.

Holland, Michigan

Street view of Holland, Michigan , USA
Image Source: iStock

Plan a spring getaway to Western Michigan to experience the vibrant colorings and cultural festivities of Holland’s Tulip Time Festival in May. It is the correct time to peer the metropolis rework into a breathtaking sea of tulips, inviting you to immerse yourself in Dutch traditions and the joyous atmosphere.

Here’s what you can stay up for:

The Tulip Time Festival isn’t simply any festival but a chance to be part of something magical. Picture parades with fantastically adorned floats and flower shows showcasing tulips of every shade and color that transport you to the Netherlands. And let’s now remember the delicious Dutch food that you can relish. 

 A visit to Windmill Island will make you feel like you’ve stepped right into an ancient Dutch portrait by Rembrandt. The true windmills, ancient buildings, and stunning gardens are a treat for the eyes and the soul. It’s a great spot for clicking some Instagram-worthy pictures or just a peaceful walk.

The attraction of Holland’s downtown area is balanced. Its old-fashioned shops, inviting diners, and vibrant art galleries make it a suitable location to wander and explore. 

As for hotels, Holland has a variety of options for you. Whether you opt for the comfy environment of a bed and breakfast or the luxury of a hotel, you will find a comfortable place to stay, which is positioned near all of the important sights. 

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce canyon National Park , Utah, USA
Image Source: iStock

This May, consider Southern Utah if you’re itching for a getaway that mixes adventure with the soothing beauty of nature. It is the ideal time to escape the summer crowds and soak up Bryce Canyon National Park’s awesome wildflower blooming. 

Start your day with a stroll alongside the rim of Bryce Canyon. The hoodoo formations‘ vibrant colors are a tribute to nature’s color wheel, and every step you take gives a clean point of view. After that, you may discover the canyon’s amphitheaters, arches, and geological wonders.

Travel alongside roads, which include scenic drive, which offers majestic views of the canyon and a peaceful opportunity to contemplate and make memories. And as darkness descends, prepare for an unmatched stargazing session. Starry skies at Bryce Canyon National Park are well known for their display of the Milky Way and the display of constellations.

Various inns are available in Bryce Canyon National Park to suit your preferences for comfort and style. Make your stay convenient and unforgettable by choosing accommodation options in neighboring towns like Bryce Canyon City and Springdale and calm campgrounds in the park.

Allow Bryce Canyon to be the backdrop for your thrilling journey and priceless moments.

Kauai, Hawaii

Aerial view of a beach and mountain in Kauai , Hawaii, USA
Image Source: iStock

May is a notable time if you intend to visit Kauai Island at some point; the nicest weather without having to mingle with the summertime crowds. Kauai is often called the “Garden Island.” It is a nature lover’s and an adventurer’s dream come true, presenting a blend of enjoyable seashores, luscious rainforests, and lovely waterfalls.

I have some suggestions, especially for you:

Take off on an exciting journey along the Kalalau Trail. You can take in the island’s lush woodlands and stunning coastal views from this amazing hike. Discover the excitement of kayaking beside the Napali Coast. Plan canoeing between incredible green cliffs, uncovering undiscovered beaches, and being charmed with cascading waterfalls.

Waimea Canyon, called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” is a captivating vacation spot with lovely waterfalls and colorful canyon walls.

There is everything in Kauai that caters to any style and budget. After traveling the islands, you will discover a spot to unwind and recharge: a one-of-a-kind beachside lodge, a holiday condominium, a modest bed and breakfast, or an eco-hotel hidden in the rainforest.

Kauai ensures the best time in the Hawaiian Islands by presenting an ideal mixture of travel, amusement, and beautiful natural splendor.

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Spring Festivals to Enjoy in May 

May allows one to go beyond the standard visitor experience and create lasting memories. 

Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky

Churchill Downs, Kentucky , Louisville, USA
Image Source: iStock

If you’re a horse lover or an equestrian, revel in the Kentucky Derby, one of the most awaited horse races worldwide. It is held on the First Saturday of May. Witness the spectacle of thoroughbred horses thundering down the track, don your best hat, and sip on a mint julep, the official drink of the Derby.

Blooming Tulips in Skagit Valley, Washington

A field of Tulips in Skagit Valley , USA
Image Source: iStock

The Skagit Valley transforms into a sea of colorful tulips in the spring. Take a scenic stroll in the tulip fields, discover local farms and shops, and take some cute snapshots of the picturesque sights.

Hot Air Balloon Festival over Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hot Air Balloons in the air ,Alburquerque, USA
Image Source: iStock

The lively Albuquerque International Balloon Festival allows all to enjoy. It’s the largest hot-air balloon event in the international. Watch as colorful balloons fly closer to the breathtaking Sandia Mountains. Purchase your tickets right away to enjoy a stunning morning balloon flight.

Whale Watching Adventure: The Coastline of Maine

A whale jumping out of the sea and a ship with some people , Maine,USA
Image Source: iStock

Embark on a whale-watching journey off the coast of Maine and witness majestic humpback whales, dolphins, and other marine animals in their natural habitat. Learn from skilled guides about the magnificent creatures and capture stunning snaps in their mesmerizing shows. The pleasant time for whale watching in Maine is typically from May to September.

Kayaking Through the Everglades, Florida 

A woman kayaking through the Everglades, Florida ,USA
Image Source: iStock

Explore the serene atmosphere of the Everglades National Park using a kayak. Paddle via lush mangrove forests, spot alligators and other natural wonders, and enjoy the serenity of this extensive wetland desolate tract. Combine your kayaking journey with a tenting ride within the Everglades for a truly immersive trip surrounded by nature.


Kauai Waterfall Rainbow, USA
Image Source: iStock

May offers a treasure trove of stories throughout America. Whether you crave cities’ vibrancy or parks’ serenity, an excellent May getaway awaits you. We hope this guide by My TrekTopia has motivated you to plan your dream excursion in the USA this May. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check out our next article, discussing the “Best Places to Visit in May Around the World.” 


Q: What is the weather like in the USA in May?

A: The climate within the USA in May varies depending on the area. In standard, May offers a fine spring climate with hot days and cool evenings. The southern states are already quite warm, even as the northern states are experiencing cozy temperatures with occasional spring showers.

Q: When is the best time to book a trip to the USA in May?

A: To bag the best deals on flights and accommodations for your May journey to the US, booking earlier, preferably 2-3 months before your travel date, is recommended. However, you might find a few remaining offers if they work for your travel dates and destinations.  

Q: What are some of the best places in May for outdoor activities in the USA?

A: Many National parks like Yellowstone, Acadia, and Zion provide trekking and outdoor activities in May, with snug temperatures and fewer crowds than other summer months.

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